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Ana Mighty Dinner 19 octobre 2023 – Les nouvelles platines vinyles Yuki AP-01 et döhmann Helix Two mk3 et… Comparer deux bras Reed à déplacements tangentiels ? 5A vs 5T

Franchement de retour des deux salons Hifi à Bruxelles (Noir et Blanc et Thess Audio en partenariat avec AudioNec et Pink Noise notre revendeur Bruxellois), nous vous proposons une soirée Ana Mighty Dinner le jeudi 19 octobre prochain à partir de 19h. Reed 5A vs 5T : deux approches de la lecture tangentielle (Linear Tracking) […]

Coming back to sound engineer Joël Perrot’s house and studio along with a pair of Thrax Spartacus 300B monoblocs

Joël Perrot is a French classical music pianist and sound engineer with more than 600 published recordings, but also the founder of romantic and contemporary classical music record label Soupir Musique. Joël has been chasing music more than just sound for years. Around 14 years old he acquired his first HiFi set-up. It was composed from […]