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Ana Mighty Integrated Amp Dinner, 19th of December 2019

This will be our last dinner of 2019 and for this occasion we will be presenting you our different integrated amps from darTZeel and Thrax on Thrax Lyra speakers. It is also the perfect opportunity to share your favorite(s) record(s) of the year, or your favorite beverage with all of us ? darTZeel CHT-8550 mk2 […]

Ana Mighty darTZeel Events of October : dinner on Thursday 17th and open day on Saturday 19th with Hervé Deletraz !!!

We have known about darTZeel electronics for more than a decade, we often heard them in shows or at customers’ place and we always thought Hervé Deletraz’s electronics would be a very very fine addition to our lines of products. During this hot summer we had the opportunity to meet Hervé in our Parisian showroom […]