Ana Mighty darTZeel Events of October : dinner on Thursday 17th and open day on Saturday 19th with Hervé Deletraz !!!

We have known about darTZeel electronics for more than a decade, we often heard them in shows or at customers’ place and we always thought Hervé Deletraz’s electronics would be a very very fine addition to our lines of products. During this hot summer we had the opportunity to meet Hervé in our Parisian showroom – certainly the best way to understand better who we all were and how we  could team up together. Our common focus on analog playback gave us a solid ground to start a serious relationship and it became obvious that we would have great pleasure ((c) darTZeel ;)) to play these instruments to all of you.

Our showroom is now equipped with the following darTZeel electronics : 

  • NHB-18NS preamplifier with two MC phono input
  • NHB-108 Model Two stereo power amplifier
  • LHC-208 integrated amp with DAC and streamer
  • CTH-8550 mk2 integrated amp

Hervé Deletraz was also eager to meet his customers and agreed to join us for both a dinner on Thusday 17th of October and an open Saturday day on the 19th of October. Both events will be a perfect opportunity to listen and enjoy darTZeel electronics as well as their designer. Two listening spots will be available :

  • NHB-18NS & NHB-108 Model Two combination on Thrax Basus and Lyra speakers
  • LHC-208 or CTH-8550 mk2 integrated amps in near field listening experience with Thrax Lyra speakers

As usual we will be playing various analog sources including… darTZeel NHB-18NS phonostages tailored specially to match a very special cartridge : the Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish Gold, a 32 ohms cartridge with 0.2mV/5cm of output that needs a perfectly tuned phonostage due to high resistive loading combine with low output. As per recommendation of Jan Allaerts : the resistive loading of the NHB-18NS phonostage will respect the 845 ohms resistive loaded for optimal loading and this will be a very unique opportunity for all of you to listen to this very rare cartridge with the perfect phonostage match.

We will also be playing digital files with darTZeel LHC-208 DAC and streamer as well as the brand new Thrax Maximinus mk2 DAC and streamer.

Do not hesitate to come with your records !

As usual, our home chef, Frédéric,  will cook us a meal and choose the matching Swiss white and red wines with it. The menu of the evening will be as follow : 

  • Swiss wines and  Amuses Bouches (fun in the mouth ?)
  • Penny Bun Pie
  • Milanese Osso Bucco
  • (Swiss) Cheese
  • Seasonal Apple Pie
  • Coffee, tea

Practical informations : 

Ana Mighty Vinyl Events are held every third Thursday of each month in our Parisian showroom rue de l’Ermitage Paris 75020. These events are limited to 12 persons.

The fare for the evening is of 57.50€ by Paypal to or 55€ by bank transfer, check.

Please do confirm your reservation as soon as possible by contacting us at : and keep in mind that the booking is only confirmed by your payment.

P.S. : Here is our French video on the brand new darTZeel CTH-8550 mk2