Phasemation EA-500 and Koetsu Onyx Gold – Analog Bliss…

Some of you already know this set-up, based around darTZeel CTH-8550 mk2 integrated amp and Thrax Lyra Q2. The owner, Wilfrid, wanted something more than the already excellent MM and MC phonostage from the darTZeel. For a reminder the phonostage from the darTZeel is based on a current input which makes it particularly adapted for […]

Sculpture A mini lines gets two major French HiFi awards in one month

The Sculpture A Mini line was designed to offer high end solutions and performances at a reasonable price.  Here are the first feedback from reviewers for Sculpture A mini line of products design by Zsolt Bodnár. First feedbacks means also two very significant awards with :  Best Buy award from French hifi magazine Haute-Fidélité Diapason […]

We are distributor of Glanz tonearms for France

We have been extensively measuring, testing and listening to Glanz tonearms and it became an evidence that we needed to have these tonearms in our range of products. And we do believe that Glanz tonearms are a serious alternative to other Japanese arms like the legendary Fidelity Research, Ikeda, SAEC, etc. By handling the distribution […]

Artisan Fidelity, master US plinth builder meets Sculpture A

Christopher Thornton, Mister Artisan Fidelity, builds unique plinth for our beloved Garrard, Thorens, Lenco, Technics turntables.  He is also a dealer of our Sculpture A products. Here is one of his latest creation around and for a Thorens TD-124 mk1, Reed tonearm and a Sculpture A model A .4 cartridge. Artisan Fidelity plinth is described […]

December awards for Phasemation EA-350 Phonostage and Levin Design Turntable Sandwich Mat !

The Phasemation EA-350 is Best Buy of the Month in Haute-Fidélité magazine The Phasemation EA-350 superb and complete phonostage was just awarded Month Best Buy from Haute-Fidélité December 2019 Haute-Fidélité magazine. The EA-350 is a true dual mono phonostage which has three MM or MC input. MC input is using step-up declined from the Phasemation […]