Fantastic review of the CSPORT TAT2 turntable in April issue of Haute-Fidélité magazine

Bruno Castelluzzo, reviewer of Haute-Fidélité magazine praises the overall performances of the CSPORT TAT2 turntable with Glanz MH-124S tonearm and Mutech Hayabusa MC cartridge in the April issue of Haute-Fidélité magazine.  In combination with the CSPORT C3EQM2 phonostage the reviewer states that “words are insignificant when  confronted to such vivid, truthful and yes subtle emotions […]

Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish, Schröder CB ebony : a fantastic combination with Voyd TT3 turntable and Soulution 520 linestage and phonostage…

During this summer we visited Alain, a French painter, who just had changed his SME arm for a Schröder CB ebony arm. He felt it was also the right moment for him to find a replacement for his Audio Note Io I cartridge and its matching S3L (early silver version) for a new cartridge that […]

Coming back to sound engineer Joël Perrot’s house and studio along with a pair of Thrax Spartacus 300B monoblocs

Joël Perrot is a French classical music pianist and sound engineer with more than 600 published recordings, but also the founder of romantic and contemporary classical music record label Soupir Musique. Joël has been chasing music more than just sound for years. Around 14 years old he acquired his first HiFi set-up. It was composed from […]

Thrax Orpheus of course

Régis, one of our Parisian customer, happy user of an Audio Technica Art-1000 and matching Consolidated Audio silver step-up as well as an Ortofon MC-3000 mk2 rebuilt by our team, opted to share is confinement time with a replacement phonostage to his Whest Titan. The Thrax Orpheus came as an evidence.  Régis is an aficionado […]

The comeback of the Thrax Libra preamp…

Last Thursday, we held one of our Ana Mighty Vinyl Dinner. Covid19 allowed us to host only 8 guests, among them was Rumen Artarski, Thrax CEO… and he did not came empty handed. Just after the fabulous review of the Yatrus turntable in French reference HiFi magazine Haute-Fidélité , the Thrax Libra preamp was an evidence.  […]