Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish, Schröder CB ebony : a fantastic combination with Voyd TT3 turntable and Soulution 520 linestage and phonostage…

During this summer we visited Alain, a French painter, who just had changed his SME arm for a Schröder CB ebony arm. He felt it was also the right moment for him to find a replacement for his Audio Note Io I cartridge and its matching S3L (early silver version) for a new cartridge that would fit his 100% MC phonostage included in his 520 Soulution linestage. 

After a few discussions, Alain decided that he wanted to compare the My Sonic Lab Signature Platinum against the Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish Gold.

Previously to making the comparison we had fully serviced his Voyd TT3 turntable and installed a tonearm board designed by Sculpture A made in a wood stone material. These armboards are build on request under our brand Sculpture A. 

The Soulution 520 preamp and his phonostage is one of the very rare electronics able to cope with the high impedance and relatively low output of the Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish Gold. Combined with the Schröder CB Ebony the Jan Allaerts exhibit only shear musicality. If you are in for HiFi sound and high definition for details only :  than this is not a cartridge which will fit your tastes. If you are in for music and all of it : than this Jan Allaerts is just for you. 

Photos by Alain.