Fantastic review of the CSPORT TAT2 turntable in April issue of Haute-Fidélité magazine

Bruno Castelluzzo, reviewer of Haute-Fidélité magazine praises the overall performances of the CSPORT TAT2 turntable with Glanz MH-124S tonearm and Mutech Hayabusa MC cartridge in the April issue of Haute-Fidélité magazine. 

In combination with the CSPORT C3EQM2 phonostage the reviewer states that “words are insignificant when  confronted to such vivid, truthful and yes subtle emotions conveyed by CSPORT. It is just has facing reality, with nothing missing or added, which proves once more of the superiority of our beloved and yet old vinyls. The TAT2 is with no doubt one of the very finest turntable ever, with no opponents.”