Catch up with us and gather with CSPORT, darTZeel, Diptyque and Nodal Audio… 11th to 14th of February 2021

Covid19 did played us quite some tricks and kind of forbid us to greet you as much as we wanted in our Parisian showroom even though we did welcomed you on appointment.

It has been also a while since we did not invited some of our partners in HiFi crime and well Covid19 or not : we missed them dearly. This is why we have prepared you a special event full of restrictions (maximum visitors allowed of 3 persons per sessions of two hours…) but also of heavy surprises. 

Among them you will be able to meet Hervé Delétraz of darTZeel as well as Gilles Douziech from Diptyque Audio as well as Marc Lenouvel from Nodal Audio. This power team will be presenting you the ultimate solution around the Diptyque DP-77 and DP-160 speakers, darTZeel LHC-208 and CTH-8550 mk2 with the brand new models of Nodal Audio power cables and plugs.

What about analog ? Well well well… We are very proud to represent CSPORT, a Japanese brand which builds unique turntables and brands. Come and discovers both the brand new TAT2 and the flagship LFT1 turntable in combination with there battery powered C3G valve phonostage CE3QM2. It is also the perfect opportunity to listen to the brand new Phasemation PP-200 and the return of wonderful Jan Allaerts MC1 boron mk2.

To register for a session ? Do not hesitate to send us a mail at or on our other medias. 

Here is the schedule that we will be updating everyday… (Number in the cases = visitor registered for the schedule)

Day 9h-11h 11h-13h 14h-16h 16h-18h
Thursday 11th   1 1 2
Friday 12th 2 Full 1 2
Saturday 13th 1 1 Full  
Sunday 14th   Full 2  

Looking forward to greeting you all with a lot of good music and a fantastic sound experience !