Photos of Schick Plinths for Garrard 301… Black or grey?

I had quite a few requests about Schick plinths designed for the Garrard 301. Here is one of the first plinths photos. It is designed for a 12″ tonearm with, here, a Schick tonearm armboard. Armboards can be designed to fit nearly any tonearm fixation pattern. As you can see the plinth  is CNC cut to perfectly fit with your Garrard 301 and thus allow perfect combination.
Schick plinths are available in different shades of grey to black and apparently there should even be some… dark blue. I’m ready eager to see how this last shade will be!
Grey or black armboards?

But let’s the photos talk for themselves…


Or black ? 

Schick plinths are available through Cala Mighty Sound.

Retail prices  : 
– Plinth for 9″ tonearm with air-feet and pump : 1900€
– Plinth for 12″ tonearm with air-feet and pump : 2100€
Shipping fees on request.