Arve Henriksen and the Uwe malachite body…

We all have a CD that we would dream to have in vinyl, or why not in shellac ( remember the Monophonic experience ? ) … And well one day it is really available in record(s) and this  is exactly what happened with the Chiarursco album of Arve Henriksen. Of course I discovered about it more than one year after it was edited in a … very limited edition on one of my favorite label Rune Grammofon. In fact this label made things right as they decided to edit three albums of Arve Henriksen and some undisclosed material. You can find some infos about it here and grab one of the last copies.

This night just felt right for the Arve Henriksen trip… I started with my Audio-Technica  AT-33R, the limited edition for there 40th anniversary. The AT-33 in all it’s varieties have always been an easy going/listening cartridge. Solid bass, warm mids and delicate treble. The R model is one of the best of its group and it works just perfect on the 12″ Schick  tonearm.

Chiarursco (clair-obscure) album sounded absolutely stunning and it kind of landed me right in the heart of the first night I  listened to this (at the time) CD. It induced this particular kind of feeling I really like to embrace when I’m listening to music. Some could even call it synesthesia and well Proust and his “madeleine” wrote about it much better than I could ever do. 

After a while, I decided to come back to the Uwe Green Malachite stone-body that I had been testing over the last three weeks with a simple Denon DL-103 and it made me realize how great the improvements on a standard 103 this body allowed. Where the AT-33R pinpointed details in the music, the Uwe stone-body just lead me in the music. Music as a all coherent space were you just relax and enjoy it. 

Yes I am still fond of Arve Henriksen music and no youtube video could make you discover the incredible universe of timbre and sound he unveils in these wonderful records (which are also available in the same boxset in high quality digital files (I was just going to write fails instead of files…) .

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