Schick Plinth for everybody !

Most vintage turntable users are (quite) obsessed in finding the best plinth available for there precious turntables. Common materials to deal with resonances and vibrations during record playback  are mostly : wood, stone, metal or the very fashionable corian. 

Thomas Schick decided to go his own way. His main axis of research was effective damping. What is effective damping? Something in-between too much damping and not enough damping seems to be the most serious answer. But what about sound?

Manometer at the back of the turntable to adjust air-feet pressure.

By gathering different materials together it seems as if it could be possible to blend there best qualities together. Main issue with such brilliant idea is how do we link them together? Screws and other metallic things would possibly ruin such combination. Laying different layers on top of one another can be precarious. Birch Plywood seemed to provide a good sample of what would be close to ideal, but the main problem is that Thomas believes a wooden plinth is not able to deliver with precision the lower frequencies. 

This is how Thomas Schick went for a specific ply-synthetic matter (seven time more expensive than mahagony wood) to design and build his plinth. This material combines the main idea of multiple layers linked together by a strong and coherent link-material, superb sound as well as a beautiful and refine “à la Schick” finish…

In fact the material used for these plinth was designed for measurement equipments used in high-tech laboratories. One of the major goal of this compound is that it is extremely stable and does not change of behavior and shape with temperature and hygrometry changes in domestic conditions.

Every plinth is CNC cut for maximum precision. This manufacturing process allows to remove matter only where it is needed thus allowing the plinth to have as little as possible matter removed. With these process you allow the plinth to be as sturdy as possible. You will be surprised by how dense, how heavy these plinths are. For instance a Schick  plinth for Technics SP-10 mkII with two arms weight a little less than 20 kg without the supplied dedicated air-feet (air pump included). 

To allow a perfect combination of your turntable with the Schick plinth, each plinths are made on request to fit perfectly your turntable. For instance it is nearly unnecessary to screw a Technics  SP-10 mkII to the plinth as it just slips perfectly in place and is already firmly held. Of course using screws to fix your turntable is still even though highly recommended.

I have been using one of these plinths for my own Technics SP-10 mkII turntable for a while and even though I had tested a few plinths with it (original Technics in obsidienne, Finland birch plywood, slate)  and I was not prepared for such a change. Backgrounds are deeper, more silent and music is lively, natural and yet still full of details. This is, with no doubt, the greatest upgrade I have done with my turntable.

These plinths are now available on request for most turntables like the Technics SP-10, Garrard 301 / 401, Thorens TD-124, Commonwealth. They generally take up to six weeks to be prepared and ready for dispatch. And yes : they are available worldwide !
Retail price  : 
– Plinth for 9″ tonearm with air-feet and pump : 1900€
– Plinth for 12″ tonearm with air-feet and pump : 2100€
Shipping fees on request.