Uwe green malachite stone-body limited edition first pictures !

Here are the first pictures of the new Uwe limited edition green malachite stone-body… This particular mineral was chosen by Uwe for its mechanical aspects as well as high concentration in oxidized copper (more than 50% in fact !).

Those new green malachite stone-bodies weight 6.15g, whereas an ebony wood-body is around 4.20g.

They will retail for the same price as the previous limited black and white stone-body edition that was sold in three months. Each of these are made on request and take up to three weeks to be built for you. And of course Cala Mighty Sound can fit you a brand new Denon DL-103 or DL-103R in it.

Retail prices : 
 – Uwe  malachite green stone-body : 250,00 €
–  Uwe malachite green stone-body + Denon DL-103 : 500,00 €
Uwe  malachite green stone-body + Denon DL-103R : 650,00 €

These prices do not include shipping and eventual Paypal fees.

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