Schick Graphite Headshell, Midas round and square bodies, cantilever protector in stock… and an upcoming surprise from Uwe !

We have now Thomas Schick latest Graphite Headshell in stock and ready for dispatch… These are waiting for you and will be delivered in dedicated boxes with a set of non magnetic screws
We also have some Midas “normal” square edges bodies and limited edition round edges bodies. Both are the latest version with lateral screw allowing to secure firmly the Denon DL-103 or 103R inside of them. 
Cala Mighty Sound can now offer Denon DL-103 for 250€ and Denon DL-103R for 350€. If you buy a Denon cartridge from us : we will be glad to fit it for free inside your Uwe or a Midas body.
Last but not least. We had such a success with Uwe stone bodies that I cannot resist sharing the last three bodies I had in hands. Photos do not show how beautiful they are and I am very proud to have been able to distribute them to the happy fews.
So Uwe decided that he would offer a new generation of stone bodies. After extensive research for a suitable material he found this :
It is green because it contains lots of oxidized copper inside… sound effect? More soon about it !