We are distributor of Glanz tonearms for France

We have been extensively measuring, testing and listening to Glanz tonearms and it became an evidence that we needed to have these tonearms in our range of products. And we do believe that Glanz tonearms are a serious alternative to other Japanese arms like the legendary Fidelity Research, Ikeda, SAEC, etc.

By handling the distribution of Glanz in France we will be happy to share with you the exceptional qualities of these tonearms which non only exhibit a more favorable geometry and mechanic, but also do perform extremely well.

We partnered with Pi-Music (thank you Olivier Imbert), the French distributor for Feickert turntables and provided them with a Glanz MH-124S tonearm and Sculpture A model A .3M to set on a Feickert Blackbird turntable. Here is the full report in French in latest issue of Haute-Fidélité magazine. 

After confinement, please do come and visit us in our Parisian showroom and make your own experience of this combination that we have right now in demonstration !