Artisan Fidelity, master US plinth builder meets Sculpture A

Christopher Thornton, Mister Artisan Fidelity, builds unique plinth for our beloved Garrard, Thorens, Lenco, Technics turntables. 

He is also a dealer of our Sculpture A products. Here is one of his latest creation around and for a Thorens TD-124 mk1, Reed tonearm and a Sculpture A model A .4 cartridge. Artisan Fidelity plinth is described as a “Thorens TD124 Statement Nicaraguan Cocobolo Long Base model”.

Hopefully, in a near future, you will be able to listen to Artisan Fidelity work in our Parisian showroom.

For now just enjoy those beautiful pictures provided by Christopher Thornton who seems to also enjoy Sculpture A products as in his own words  ” The combination was musical, ariy and flowing, with great synergy emanating from both ends of the frequency spectrum – superlative! “