Sculpture A mini lines gets two major French HiFi awards in one month

The Sculpture A Mini line was designed to offer high end solutions and performances at a reasonable price. 

Here are the first feedback from reviewers for Sculpture A mini line of products design by Zsolt Bodnár. First feedbacks means also two very significant awards with : 

  • Best Buy award from French hifi magazine Haute-Fidélité
  • Diapason d’Or (Gold Tuning Fork) from French classical music magazine Diapason

Two very different reviews awards with different focuses but with close conclusions.

Dominique Mafrant of Haute-Fidélité writes :

“Within there price range and level of performances, the Mini Discrete Phono and Mini Nano Step-up are without a doubt astonishing. Sculpture A solution will surprise amazingly the music lovers in love with high performance analog playback either looking for a unique solution or bored from there actual phonostage without a doubt much more expensive than these Sculpture A products. We strongly advise them to try the Sculpture A mini line experience without a priori. Mini price, mini size but they perform to the maximum”

Vincent Cousin of Diapason says : 

“Balance is that of a very transparent and refined sound. Musical intentions do benefit from this set-up on definition and pitch black background behind notes, as well as instrument separation. We have the feeling of enhanced matter and better transient response. The phono stage proves itself to be very fluid and lively. Higher frequencies are full of light, we fully understand it when we focus on the voice of Christa Ludwig and Fritz Wunderlich in Das Lied von der Erde from Mahler, Philarmonia and New Philarmonia Orchestra under conductor Otto Klemperer (EMI), which seem freed, quasi live. It is a phonostage that deserves to be recommended. Well adjusted it exhales really music written in the groove. Listening experience advised…

  • Positive points : Bespoke solution by a vinyl specialist
  • Negative points : Distribution networks needs to expand more”

Well on the negative point :  we are indeed searching for dealers for our Sculpture A products… so please do not hesitate to contact us ! 😉

Please enjoy the reviews below. Sorry they’re in French for now.

Haute-Fidélité magazine, April-June 2020 issue – review by Dominique Mafrant

Diapason magazine, April-May 2020 issue – Review by Vincent Cousin



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