We had a great show at Haute-Fidélité Paris !

We were very happy to share with you a great show in Paris for Haute-Fidélité 2018.

It is also the perfect place to thank our partners for this show :

  • Francisco Jileta and his team  from Troy Audio who brought us the wonderful Hellena mk2 straight from America
  • Rumen Atarski, CEO of Thrax  and his wonderful electronics and turntables (Audio Union Helix Two) and we are very sorry that we could not present you with the new Thrax turntable, the Yatros which was held by customs… Something to discover soon in our Parisian showroom !
  • Ted Dunney of Synergistic Research who made his first HiFi show in France
  • Thomas Schick who came for a surprise visit on Sunday afternoon, just after European Triode Festival, perfect timing for sharing the pride and happiness of having been distinguished for his tonearm by a Diapason D’Or along with the PTP Audio Solid12 turntable, Phasemation PP-300 cartridge and our Sculpture A Le Phono SE.
  • Christian Bianchi designer of the Le Phono SE for our brand Sculpture A
  • Baptiste Pataut our DJ for one hour on Saturday

We had a room packed of people during all the show and we would also like to thank very much all of you who spent some time with us. Thank you for all your positive feedbacks and continuous support during the show and after the show. It is for you that we do these shows (and a little bit for us too). 😉

If you want to join us for more adventures : do not hesitate participate to one of our Ana Mighty Vinyl Events in our Parisian showroom. Next on is on the 13th of December.

The night before everything starts…

Morning light

Full room listening with attention…

A few seconds of music…

Xavier Delacoux and Frédéric Verhoye our showroom manager

The brand new step-up designed by Audio Technica for the wonderful Audio-Technica Art-1000 of which we are one of the two exclusive dealers for France ! It was worldwide premier and we will be playing it very soon in our showroom.

Francisco Jileta and the Troy Hellena mk2 speakers, in the background Rumen Atarski, CEO of Thrax

PTP Solid9+12 with Schick 12” tonearm and Audio-Technica Art-1000

Sven van Laere from Audio-Technica Europe

What would be a show with Troy Audio without the best Tequila ?

A Schröder n°2 FW tonearm with a Jan Allaerts MC1 boron cartridge…

Baptiste Pataut our DJ

Christian Bianchi presenting the Le Phono SE from Sculpture A

Ted Dunney from Synergistic Research

Some people we are familiar with, some not… 

Francisco Jileta of Troy Audio