Ana Mighty Vinyl Event n°7 : what makes the sound of a cartridge ? Partial answers, practical demonstration with our range of Sculpture A cartridges

We will be holding our last Ana Mighty Vinyl Event of 2018 on the Thursday 13th of December.

For this particular event we will be holding a workshop about what makes the sound of a cartridge. In order to show you these differences we will be using cartridges from our brand Sculpture A which range from 2 ohms to 40 ohms, use the different cantilever materials and diamond tips, different bodies as well as different dampers and coil materials. The only common denominator is the global internal architecture of the cartridge which remains the same for every model.By confronting different model of cartridges you will be able to hear the differences induced by our technical and technological choices in order to create cartridges with different sounding textures.

As it is just before Christmas… we thought that we should do something special and… well there will be two surprises :

  • one related to vinyl
  • and one exclusively dedicated to those of you attending the evening.

Last part of the evening will be a 100% musical moment where we invite to share with all us your favorite records, beverage, book ?

We will be using for this evening  :

the following turntables :

  • Funk Firm LSD + FX3
  • PTP Audio Solid9 + 12 + Schicks
  • STST Motus Dq II + Schröder CB-L
  • Audio Union Helix Two + Schröder CB
  • A very mysterious turntable…

the following electronics :

  • Thrax  : Dyonisos preamp, Orpheus phonostage and Spartacus or Heros monobloc power amps, two different power proposition offering either 70W or 100W in class A with either tube  or solid state output stage.
  • Sculpture A  Le Phono SE
  • Phasemation EA-500 phonostage
  • Step-up transformers from My Sonic Lab, Phasemation and Consolidated Audio

One last thing… We will be using Diptyque Audio speakers. These speakers are built in France and do provide an exceptional sound experience due to their isodynamic structure which will allow you to hear every single differences between each cartridges being played. 


As usual, our home chef, Frédéric,  will cook us a meal and choose the matching white and red wines with it. The menu of the evening will be as follow : 

  • Espresso chesnutt soup
  • Foie gras à la Verhoye
  • Clementine veal and seasonal vegetables
  • Salad & cheeses
  • Low temperature apple pie

Practical informations : 

The Ana Mighty Vinyl Event is held every third Thursday of each month in our Parisian showroom rue de l’Ermitage Paris 75020. These events are limited to 12 persons.

The fare for the evening is of 57.50€ by Paypal to or 55€ by bank transfer, check.

Please do confirm your reservation as soon as possible by contacting us at : and keep in mind that the booking is only confirmed by your payment.