So… what we will you be able to listen/attend to at the Cala Mighty Show in Paris on the 22-23rd of April?

Cala Mighty Show means surprises for everybody. Even for us. We just transform these surprises in a professional way.

We are very happy to share with you some selected products that are shown and played for the first time in France, like : 

  • our own phonostage : Le Phono
  • Frank Schröder special tangentiel tonearm, the LT set on
  • Audio Union, Helix One turntable (with additional CB 9” carbon tonearm)
  • The Little Giant, an idler wheel turntable elaborated by Frank Schröder with a CB  9” tonearm in precious woods
  • Vinylista and Schick plinths combined with the following turntables : Technics SP-10mkII, Garrard 301 et Thorens TD-124 with …  Schick tonearms
  •  Thrax electronics with the Dionysos preamp and two Teres power amplifiers mono blocs delivering each 100W in pure class A
  • and of course, the Süesskind Audio  speakers experience with the following speakers :  Phenomenon, Progress as well as the brand new Beo LX.

You will discover these different items within the following combinations : 

Cala .Groove

  • PTP Audio Solid9 turntable or our selection of vintage turntables in combination with Vinylista or Schick plinths
  • Schick tonearms in both 9’’ and 12’’
  • Cala 103 cartridges and other cartridges fully restored by Cala Mighty Sound
  • Le Phono… phonostage
  • PTP Audio Blok20 power amp
  • Süesskind Audio Phenomenon speakers

Cala .Swing

  • Schröder Little Giant turntable with…
  • Schröder CB precious wood tonearm
  • Cala Mighty Sound TNT15 Silver MR cartridge
  • Le Phono… phonostage
  • Helixir Audio preamplifier ad power amp or prototype integrated amplifier built by Cala Mighty Sound
  • Süesskind Audio Progress speakers

Cala .Soul

  • Audio Union Helix One turntable
  • Schröder LT tonearm
  • Le Phono… phonostage
  • Thrax Dyonisos preamp with two Teres  mono bloc power amps
  • Süesskind Audio Beo LX speakers

Different discussions will be launched all along the Cala Mighty Show as …

  • How to clean your vinyls ? 
  • Joachim Gerhard will share with you his theory and method on speaker’s placements
  • Thomas Schick and Frank Schröder will answer all your questions about tonearms
  • We will let you know how to check the status of your cartridges
  • And… much more !

Opening hours on Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM and on Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM

30-34 rue du Chemin Vert – 75011 Paris (métros Bastille ou République)

Free entrance ! Bring your records with you  !