Let us introduce you to our guests for the week-end of the 22-23rd of April in Paris

The Cala Mighty Show team is proud to welcome you with the members of the Gentlemen Audio Builders International, a group of “artisans-concepteurs-builders” driven into building and developing innovative and high performance audio oriented products.

They will be hosting the show with us for the week-end of the 22-23rd of April in Paris, a unique opportunity for you to exchange and share your point of views, get some advices directly from the builders of your favorite audio devices!

But first, let us introduce these Gentlemen Audio Builders Intl

Frank Schröder  earned an international reputation for his innovative and often surprising tonearms. Each of his tonearm designs strives to eliminate sources of error by implementing completely new technical solutions, instead of trying to further minimize the existing, system immanent flaws.

For Frank function is indeed essential but cannot elude aesthetics.  This is  why his tonearms are also visually captivating through choice of proportion, material and quality of execution.  Since form and function are inseparable, they both contribute to high quality sound reproduction.

We once asked him a question to which he gave this answer : “Why do I design and build tonearms? To put a smile on your face every time you listen to one of your favorite records…” . It’s true and we can prove it to you.


Thomas Schick  is well known for his eponymous 12” tonearm. It has now a 9” version. He is also building Schick plinths for major vintage turntables as well as his own MM cartridge, das MM. Dandy with vintage accent, Thomas Schick builds audio artefacts with a straightforward and clean designs allowing an easy set-up but above all high performances playback capabilities.

Thomas always have in mind that whatever he designs is meant to be the perfect remedy to what he calls “audio nervosa”…

Peter Reinders is an alchemist. His speciality ?  apart from changing lead to gold ? He was the first one to design the PTP (Peter’s Top Plate) device. The PTP was designed to radically upgrade the performances of Lenco L70/75 turntables. He than moved on to launch is own line of turntables called, under his brand PTP Audio, Solid9 and Solid12. By combining up to date technologies (material, mechanics and finishes) with a vintage perspective, his turntables prove that idler wheel turntables can have groove and at the same time finesse. As an Industrial Designer, Peter declined is original design pattern to elaborate the Blok20 stereo integrated amplifier.

(c) highfidelity.pl

Rumen Artaski is the owner of Thrax company. A high tech company with it’s own line of products but also building for other companies. For instance, it is his company who is building the Audio Union Helix One turntable. A turntable built with no compromises with the help of the best specialists in vinyl playback. We will be very proud to present to you this turntable for the first time in France…



Joachim Gerhard… 
The Phenix rises from the ashes ! After his Audio Physic experience as CEO, he comes back more enthusiastic than ever with a line of speakers covering a vast range of technologies from low efficiency to high efficiency, reasonably small to unreasonably big… A creativity fully unleashed but always focused to share the best of the music with you in order to allow you to be “in the music”. We have no doubt : you will adore his new speakers even more than the previous one. Be prepared.


Christian Catauro : Do you remember the Helios Stargate CD player ? It was one of the designs of Christian. Electronic builder with no boundaries, he has developed a killer preamplifier / amplifier combination of shear musicality.

Jan Allaerts is a well kept secret which holds one of the finest cartridges range available. A lifetime  experience to build 100% handmade cartridges as precious jewels, watches. Solo man making each of his cartridges all alone and with the aim of building only masterpieces. One of his secret ingredients ? He is the only one able to build cartridges coils  with the smallest pure gold gauge coil wires available.

Martin Brenner designed the Vinylista plinths. Full time architect, he builds his products as ensemble combining together physical, mechanical and beauty of design and materials. A clean line of designs with raw and refine materials aimed to cope with vintage turntables in order to maximize there performances. His plinths are not only beautiful : they are effective and will lead you to rediscover your turntables.

Martina Schöner worked for Thorens, with Loricraft and… even shared shows with Kondo San.

She is the brain behind the L’Art du Son range of products and the rebirth of the Garrard 501 turntable.



and… Cala Mighty Sound : we also have our own team of specialists. To name a few ?

  • Christian Bianchi, ex CEO of Prisme company, he developer our own range of solid state electronics with a universal MC phonostage
  • Yannick Mahé, the engineer behind Fidelta, Tosca, etc… who is working on our valve electronics
  • Felix Rupprath, our designer for our range of products
  • Bruno Castelluzzo who is building our range of cables


Cala & Xavier