Red Miracle II : the essence of RCA interconnects by Elpispandora

Elpispandora is a Japanese brand who’s main focus is on creating unique interconnects with various precious metals, Kyoto silk insulation and high grade connectors with no soldering. Each of these products are carefully handbuilt under the expert direction of Setsuo Mino.

The Red Miracle RM-100 II is the latest iteration of the Red Miracle interconnect. It is the entry level cable from Elpispandora, but you wouldn’t know when you look at its features: 

  • combination of palladium, gold and platinum inside the connectors
  • solderless  plugs 5N OFC copper plugs
  • highest quality copper of various gauges sourced from Russian space military equipment
  • pandora box using OFC copper bars from high tension transformers
  • high polish surface of all connectors just before silk covering
  • Boxing in special casing with air vacuum for optimal storage

The new Red Miracle II improves the performances of the original. This updated version reaches even higher levels of transparency, successfully  combining timbre density revealing the full body and architecture of the music. 

Listening to the Red Miracle II will let you embrace a brand new sensorial experience in your music. Something absolutely unique that makes the signature of Elpispandora so unique.