Phasemation EA-500 and Koetsu Onyx Gold – Analog Bliss…

Some of you already know this set-up, based around darTZeel CTH-8550 mk2 integrated amp and Thrax Lyra Q2. The owner, Wilfrid, wanted something more than the already excellent MM and MC phonostage from the darTZeel. For a reminder the phonostage from the darTZeel is based on a current input which makes it particularly adapted for low impedances cartridges.

With the Phasemation EA-500, Wilfrid is now able to play mono records with two different equalisation (Columbia and Decca) but also to add a second tonearm to his turntable. Within the first seconds our customer discovered the absolute silence of the Phasemation EA-500 even with his specially made for Koestu silver coil Consolidated Audio step-up.

Quickly after we moved from his Koetsu Urushi Vermillon to his freshly and fully refurbished by our team Koetsu Onyx Gold. A musical bliss that you can listen on the following video !