New Schick tonearm finish with new upgrades !


We knew that a darker Schick tonearm had appeared somewhere in Asia. We hoped that it would reach us one day. This day as come. Not only it is darker, but it can be absolutely black… It also comes with some serious improvements !!

So what is new with this new tonearm version ? 

  • An upgraded phono cable with balanced and symmetrical interconnect cable. Two inner conductors are carrying positive and negative signal. Outside shielding is shielding only and connected to ground. This cable is used by German broadcast in their studios, OB Vans etc. to ensure maximal shielding and optimal sound quality.
  • A new tonearm lift device machined from a solid aluminium block.
  • Tonearm rest in either wood or grey material to fit with the tonearm finish.

First seconds of playback with the new 9″ Schick tonearm  made me immediately realize that there was a clear improvement in overall performances. More definition, more bandwidth, more soundstage. More everything. And it does look even more amazingly good.

Bravo Thomas Schick !

A few last things ? All the new upgrades apply to all the new standard versions either in 9 inch’ or in 12 inch’ (except for the tube toneam finish that will stay chrome for the standard finishes)…  and the prices of the Schick tonearms stay the same at 1500,00€ VAT in.