Das MM, a Schick cartridge that will rock your music (and much more)!

img_3915How about forgetting all these step-ups and active devices needed with the low moving coils cartridges and going back to moving magnet technology?

Thomas Schick based this new cartridge, Das MM on a DJ oriented cartridge delivering a blasting 8mV output with an aluminium cantilever and elliptical tip !

Das MM comes with a modified needle assembly. For instance, the plastic around the generator is being cut away and this makes a huge difference, even to glued assemblies, which is a common ‘trick’ to improve systems with removable needle.

But glueing does not eliminate the problem of the massive amount of thin walled plastic fit around the needle assembly, it just dampens the effect a little, removing all unnecessary parts is the only way to go further.

MM011Removing the colored dot on the cantilever allows for a lighter weight and enhances the frequency responses as well as transient responses and soundstage.

The generator itself is anchored in a new new housing from the same material as the one used with Schick‘s plinths. This material is dimensionally stable with no variation of mechanic properties  with hygrometry, temperature and pressure, and thus makes it the perfect basis to firmly fit the generator. But above all it has excellent sound properties. The cartridge is fitted within this basis without any cavities, as opposed to the original plastic casing.

If the already  very dynamic sounding cartridge characteristic are preserved, this new version allows much much more refinement.

But Das MM is certainly not a competitor to top MC systems and this was never its intentions. Leave refinement to these expensive MC cartridges and get to the core with this easy to set up* MM cartridge that delivers a lot of listening fun and 100% solid sound !
If your High End MC cartridge is a fine Champagne dinner with micro cuisine, then Das MM system is Whiskey on a BBQ Steak.

Das MM is not sold as a standalone cartridge, it comes along with the Oiled Graphite Schick Headshell.

But please beware : it is a limited edition…

Remember : no step-up, no active devices needed : just connect your tonearm to your MM phonostage and let the music play !


Full specifications here