How about learning some new tricks on how to set your cartridge and have a nice dinner with us in Paris ?

Ana Mighty Sound team is happy to invite you for an evening dedicated only to vinyl playabck.  Come and join us for our first Ana Mighty Vinyl Evening, an event that we will repeat every two month with new topics and new hi-fi components to share with you !

Only twelve of you you will be able to join us in a private location in Paris on the 8th of February from 7:30 PM. In addition to learning how to set-up your cartridge and listening to a brand new and innovative cartridge never heard in Europe before, we will have a French chef taking care of delivering a nice meal.

Of course you can bring your records, and even your cartridges for checking !

For this evening we will show you how to :

  • check the status of your cartridge
  • how to fine tune the setting of your cartridge
  • basic maintenance operations

A cameraman will be filming our manipulations and the video stream will be projected on a wide screen to ensure a good visibility of our operations for everyone. 

In order to assert sonically the improvement (or not) of our different operations we will use the following vinyl set-ups:

Set-up 1 :  Origine Live  Calypso mk4 turntable, Origin Live Zephyr tonearm , Ana Mighty Sound La103 .trois MC cartridge

Set-up 2 : PTP Audio Solid12 turntable, Schick 12” tonearm, Phasemation PP-300 cartridge

Set-up 3 : STST Audio Motus II Dq turntable, Schröder CB-L carbon tonearm , mystery cartridge…

Three vinyl set-up radically different in there builds, tonearms and cartridges inducing different adjustments need.

The third configuration will allow you to listen to a unique cartridge due to her innovative principle but also as European premiere !

We will use different phonostages, some solid state as :

  • Le Phono, our first phonostage using the legendary J-Fet SK-70 NOS, delivering 74dB of gain 
  • Our brand new phonostage using only discrete components and allowing a  SN ration of 144dB…

And with valves:

  •  An Ana Mighty Sound prototype using ECC99 and 12B4A valves
  • High End Orpheus LCR phonostage fromThrax

As well as a few step-up transformers built by us and the Japanese company Phasemation.

Listening sessions will be made :  

  • Süesskind Audio loudspeakers made in Germany by Joachim Gerhard, the founder of Audio Physic
  • French electronics Helixir Audio Excellence


Beware, the evening is limited to 12 persons. Fees for the evening (meal and beverages included) are of 55€.

In order to participate, please send us an email to : All participations are effective only after prepayment of the evening has been done. 

P.S. : Our meal menue is 100% bio friendly

  • mise en bouche
  • foie gras maison
  • green chil gambas
  •  cheese : brie de Nangis
  • Apple pie with English custard
  • Wine and coffee included

Vegan meal available on request !