Come and join us for our second Ana Mighty Vinyl Even on the 29th of March !

config PTP solid 12 Phenomenon

Ana Mighty Sound has the pleasure to invite you to our second and brand new Ana Mighty Vinyl Evening in our Parisian showroom rue de l’Ermitage (75020) from 7:30 PM. We will be greeting you with a brand new program with a brand new menu prepared by our Chef Frédéric Verhoye !

The first part of our evening will be dedicated to the demonstration of sound differences offered by different cantilevers and diamond tips on a same cartridge generator.

We will use for this purpose four  Ana Mighty Sound cartridges with the following combinations :

  • aluminium cantilever and sphercial tip
  • boron cantilever and nude sperical tip
  • boron cantilever and nude Line Contact III tip
  • boron cantilever and nude Micro Ridge tip

To perform our range of tests we will use two identical turntables + tonearms combinations. Your ears will be the sole judges of these trials. We’ll see if we all hear the same thing (or near enough). 😉

Second highlight ? Two new cartridges to listen to….

Have you ever heard of Sensitive Sound ? A Siberian brand building incredible cartridges with surrealistic names. Let us play for you the Sensitive Sound Splash X3 cartridge. An affordable cartridge built with high quality parts not usually used at such a low price tag.

We will also be playing the PP-2000 cartridge the flagship from Phasemation. Stellar performances and much more that you will have to discover for yourself. Trust only your ears !


Warning !  We are full… Fees for the evening are 55€ and include meal and beverages.

To join our exclusive event send an email to  or use our webform

Suscription is only confirmed when we have received your payment. 


Chef Verhoye’s menu ! 

Petite mise en bouche surprise

Poireaux vinaigrette façon Verhoye

Carré de veau basse température et son gratin façon Freddy Girardet

Brie de Meaux

Tarte chocolat façon Pierre Hermé