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Cala Mighty Sound is now distributing Peter Reinders products.Peter has created a full range of products dedicated to the famous Swiss Lenco turntables.He has also created two wonderful turntables based on the Lenco principles.A version for 9″ tonearms called Solid9 (2450€) : And a version for 12″ tonearms, Solid12 (2650€) : Read more about it […]

Uwe Bretschneider headshells and wood body distributed by Cala Mighty Sound

Here are a few photos of Uwe’s products now distributed by Cala Mighty Sound. All Uwe’s product are carefully hand made in Germany. Main woods used are ebony, snakewood (as on the photos here) and panzerholtz. Other wood species available on requests. Uwe is the original makers of the Uwe wood body specially designed for […]