Uwe and Midas bodies for Denon DL-103

Round Midas and snakewood Uwe bodies

Uwe started building wood bodies for Denon DL-103 in the late 90’s. He believed that the plastic body of the DL-103 was a design flaw and his researches proved him right.
With these bodies the Denon DL-103 evolves drastically as with this modification you do get much more informations out of the groove, much more air too. Yet there still is the irresistible energy proper to the DL-103 but this time with a stable and wide soundstage.
Square Midas bodies
Round bodies Midas

Later,one of Uwe’s friend from Hong-Kong wondered if these bodies could be built using metal instead of wood. With the help of Uwe researches and his blessings Daiwok started working on it. Results were conclusive and Midas started to produce the original square aluminium bodies. 

A newer Midas body is now being manufactures. It is a tad lighter and has round edges.
Uwe panzerholz woodbody
All these bodies allow to tune the sound of a Denon DL-103 cartridge. For instance : the ebony body gives a tad of warmth, more body to the nuded Denon DL-103 and will suit perfectly a very resolving set up. To the opposite : the panzerholz body tends to control a lot the DL-103 and suits well a set up which is on the warm side. In between there is the snakewood body which is very similar to Midas  aluminium bodies.
Midas body guard
As the Denon cantilever protector does not fit anymore these bodies, Midas offers a dedicated cantilever protector that works for both  Uwe and his own bodies. They are easy to fit and will allow you to keep your cartridge safe.

If you need somebody to fit in your Denon cartridge into a Midas or a Uwe body : Cala Mighty Sound can surely help you in these matters.
Audio review by TNT Audio here .
Retail prices for these bodies, worldwide shipping included, are :
Uwe woodbodies : 
– ebony or panzerholz : 105€
– snakewood : 130€
Midas metalbodies : 
– square edges : 130€
– round edges  :165€
Midas cantilever protector : 25€