Thomas Schick graphite headshell is available on Cala Mighty Sound

As the first birthday of Cala Mighty Sound is coming in a few hours… I have decided to share with you a few new items that are now available for you!
Let’s start with the brand new Schick Graphite headshell. You might have seen it in some of my previous pictures with no finger lift. It was one of the prototype version and I  I already had very positive impressions about it.
Now it has a finger lift, quality headshell wires, gold plated SME connector and a set of dedicated screws to fix your most beloved cartridges.

The headshell weights 15.4g which makes it a perfect for modern cartridges like the ZYX
ZYX Omega S with prototype Schick Graphite Headshell,

 Black Cat Connectics headshell wires.
And by the way : this is, to my tastes, the best combination I ever had with my ZYX Omega Silver. The Ikeda RS-1 was among the contenders and when I moved from it to the Schick Graphite Headshell I was not expecting such a gap. 

Until now I always thought that the ZYX was lacking a bit of life even though it was one of the most neutral and dynamic cartridge I have ever had/heard. Soundstage was already incredible. 

Moving on the Schick headshell was a vast improvement. I immediately felt as if the ZYX was literally on steroids. It had more energy, more weight on the notes without loosing the extraordinary soundstage of the cartridge. In fact I had the feeling that bandwidth had increase as well as definition but most important : the cartridge had soul. It was no longer only just playing music : it was music. I must confess I did spent a lot more time than I should have spinning records when it came in.

Hot rodding EMT with optionnal Schick headshell wiring
Some of you might ask why there is this top arch on the top of the headshell. Thomas Schick uses this arch to have maximum mechanical rigidity and at the same time deal with resonance issues.
Finger lift is very nice to hold because of the two pieces of grip which allow to secure the movement of your tonearm when you are handling it.
I am now playing a Stein Music Aventurin 6 cartridge. This is a very serious contender to my ZYX cartridge. More about this combination soon…

The Schick graphite headshell is delivered with high quality headshell wires (see first three top photos), a finger lift, dedicated headshell screws. It is available for dispatch immediately.

Retail price : 
Schick Graphite Headshell standard : 250 €
Schick Graphite Headshell with Schick or Black Cat Connectics headshell wires : 350 €

Shipping cost : 
– Europe : 5 €
– Worldwide : 20 €