Stunning review of l’Art du Son products in Haute-Fidélité magazine !

We had a raving review in October issue of French Haute-Fidélité magazine about L’Art du Son line of  products and it is certainly the ideal way to announce that we are importers for France of the full range of L’Art du Son products.

Come with a dirty record and meet Martina Schöner, the founder of L’Art du Son, at  Haute-Fidélité HiFi show in Paris on the 18th and 19th of November ! We will have the pleasure  to demonstrate her products in combination with a Loricarft PRC-6 (that we also import for France) and then eventually play your record on one of our set-ups…

You can find the full line of L’Art du Son products in our web boutique here :

And you can also read (in French) the review here !