Receiving a Schick tonearm

Today I received a Schick tonearm. Even badly handled by courriers : it is still in pristine condition inside. Indeed the packaging is more than adequate. Good job Thomas!

Inside? Everything to prepare the tonearm. Your main job will be to fix the tonearm lift on it’s base. For this no need to remove the arm lift top part, just put it at 90° from the hole to allow it to go through the all, straighten it up and there the body goes. You will then have to fasten it with the allen screw you can see on the side. Of course allen keys are provided with the tonearm.

To set to a correct height the arm lift device : you should be sure that there is safe margin of security (more than 10mm) between the tip of your cartridge and the groove of the records on your turntable.

Every details are looked keenly after…

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