HiFi Show : Haute-Fidélité in Paris… some brand new products and good friends

It might be a short notice announcement for some of you but stil a very good reason to come and visit us for THE Parisian HiFi Show: Haute-Fidélité show which will be held at the Marriott Hotel Rive Gauche from the 7th to the 8th of December from 10: 00 AM to 6 : 00 PM.

We are located on the third level in Loft F 

For this new edition we will be exhibiting several new products including :

  • A new tonearm designed by Frank Schröder for our range of  phono cartridge Sculpture A 
  • A new step-up transformer designed by Consolidated Audio for our range of Sculpture A .4 phono cartridges
  • A 100% 300B oriented Thrax amplification system including the brand new Thrax Libra preamp that will be played as a premier worldwide for this show

During this week-end you will also have different highlights with special guests and DJ :

  • Frank Schröder
  • Rumen Artarski, CEO of Thrax
  • Joël Perrot, sound engineer who uses Thrax Basus and Lyra for monitoring and mastering his recordings. He will present us the result of his work with both digital masters played on the Thrax Maximinus v2 and master tapes on the Nagra 4s
  • Régis Rannou, record collector who will present us some rare record pressings
  • Jean-Marc Harari, The  French Record Company, who will present some rare recordings of Marcelle Meyer which was just reviewed by Michael Fremer here.

During the show we will have some special offers available for the products available on the site : 

  • Levin Design Brushes and Sandwich mat (recently awarded with a Best Buy of the Month by Haute-Fidélité)
  • Funk Firm Achromat
  • Sculpture A Le Phono SE, and prototype or malachite  A. 3 A and A .4 cartridges
  • Fully refurbished Ana Mighty cartridges including Koetsu, Supex, Ortofon SPU, Sony XL-55, etc


We will also have different analog rigs played in the different following rooms : 

darTZeel (Level -1, Forum I/J) : Döhmann Audio – Helix Two, Schröder CB ebony, Sculpture A model A .3 SHP

Diptyque Audio (Level -1, Forum E) : PTP Audio Solid9, Schick 9″ & graphite headshell, Sculpture A A .3L, Sculpture A  Le Phono SE, Funk Firm Achromat

Madotec / Kornhent (Level 2, Studio A) : STST Motus 2 Dq, Schröder CB-L silver, My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Bc & Stage 1030 step up, Phasemation EA-350, Levin Design sandwich match

Supravox / BC Acoustic (Level 3, Loft A) : PTP Audio Solid9+12, Schick 12” + graphite headshell, Sculpture A A .3M, Funk Firm Achromat


Here is our full Ana Mighty Sound system description  for this show (Level 3 Loft F) :

Analog Rig : 

Döhmann Audio – Helix Two

  • New Sculpture A –  A .4 SHP cartridge which was recently awarded the best award (Référence Or / Gold Reference) from Haute-Fidélité magazine
  • New Schröder –  CB-L Magnetic Headshell with silver wiring designed specially for our Sculpture A range  of cartridges
  • Döhmann Audio – Helix Two turntable
  • New Consolidated Audio – Step-Up built on specification for Sculpture A A.4 cartridge
  • Thrax – Orpheus LCR phonostage
  • Elpispandora – Chiron XLR
  • Sculpture A – Le Phono Cable
  • Nodal Audio – Rhapsody P2X

Thrax – Yatrus

  • Audio Technica – Art-1000 or Sculpture A – A .3P cartridges
  • Schröder – CB
  • New Sculpture A – Le Phono SE mk2
  • Thrax – Yatrus
  • Elpispandora – Chiron RCA
  • Nodal Audio – Rhapsody P2X

Nagra – 4S

Digital Rig :

  • New Thrax – Maximinus mk2
  • Elpispandora – Chiron XLR
  • Nodal Audio – Rhapsody P2X

Preamplification :

  • New Thrax – Libra using four 300B valve
  • Nodal Audio – Rhapsody P2X

Amplification :

  • New Thrax – Spartacus 300B
  • Nodal Audio – Rhapsody P2X

Speakers :

  • Thrax  – Basus + Lyra
  • Elpispandora – King of Chiron, Chiron XLR
  • Nodal Audio – Rhapsody P2X

Power plugs : 

  • Nodal Audio  Rhapsody P2X
  • Nodal Audio – LMP-1 & LMP-2