Clément ads !

My good friend David Parson of Classical Vinyl and Electric Recording Company found these adverts in some old French music critics/journals… and guess what there is some really nice Clément ads there among other vintage items. We thought that it was something worth sharing with you.
The left advert for Clément shows a very early Clément cartridge with the original square shape.
Beautiful italian design with the Lesa turntable which might have a certain echo with the latest Funk Firm turntables…
The baffle focalisateur (speaker) makes me think of the classical look from the original French brand Elipson which sometime used some beautiful Vitavox speakers.
Notice also that the Clément add is still giving the original Vincennes address of the Pierre Clément factory

M. Tacussel who advertises the latest Pierre Clément turntable was also designing amps and preamp for home use.
Notice also that there is no diamond palette in the advert but only sapphire palettes and needles available