28th of June ? Ana Mighty Vinyl Event with Funk Firm, Audio-Technica VM cartridges and a High End surprise.

We had a great time at the High End Münich Show and we came back with some new brands. This 4th event will be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to :

Funk Firm range of products

We have been searching for a long time for a level entry turntable and Funk Firm does deliver a unique combination with the the Gett! turntable and  its F7 tonearm. 

The F7 tonearm combines two unique technology :

  • rigid beam technology used for many years with the FX3 and  FXR II.tonearms, it is now applied to the F7
  • Funk has also developed a new, novel thread suspension. This is something normally found in only high-end tonearms

We will also introduce you the Little Super (Sexy/Stunning) Deck with either the FX3 or F5 tonearms an extremely competitive low medium priced range turntable.

MM cartridges ? You cannot be serious !!! Yes we definitely are.

Most of us started with MM cartridges and we all have quite some definitive answers wether you are pro MM, pro MC, pro MI or even worse… pro digital…;)

Growing up in the analog rigs often means getting from Moving Magnet  technology to Moving Coil, but sometime getting back to the fundamentals allow us to get more focus, more knowledgeable and maybe even a tad more open minded. As you have seen other last few months we have been closer (and closer) to Audio Technica’s team with the extraordinary Audio Technica ART-1000 cartridge, we do also believe that in the MM range AT offers a distinctive cartridges : the VM range. VM cartridges uses V placed moving magnet and… four coils. We have all of there different stylii from the 520EB to the 760SLC and we will show you how buy just changing a cantilever and a diamond tip geometry the sound of a cartridge can evolve.

Last but not least ? A  High End surprise…

As we told you earlier : we had a great time in Münich but there is some more surprises to come. Let’s end the dinner with a new High End innovative and  extremely musical proposition.

It is also the time to let you know that we are now using either the Enyo (tube) or Ares (solid state) full options integrated amplifiers with the new Progress Lx speakers from Süesskind Audio !

But most important : the menu  cooked by our home chef Frédéric

Petite Tarte fine aux légumes crus (Small and thin with raw vegetable tarte)
Pâtes fraîches au homard du Havre crème de Sauterne (Fresh pasta with homard (much better than lobster…) and Sauterne based creamFrench cheese from France Terroir
Fraises en tarte (Strawberries in Pie)
Wine (red and white) and coffee included

We are expecting you !

Practical informations : 

The Ana Mighty Vinyl Event is held every last Thursday of each month in our Parisian showroom rue de l’Ermitage Paris 75020. These events are limited to 12 persons.

The fare for the evening is of 57.50€ by Paypal to semi-fredo@wanadoo.fr or 55€ by bank transfer, check.

Please do confirm your reservation as soon as possible by contacting us at : info@anamightysound.com and keep in mind that the booking is only confirmed by your payment.