A 9″ it’s Schick!

Serious packaging as usual for a safe shipping

Most vintage turntables were built for hosting a 9″ tonearm. Of course some of the most famous broadcast turntables are equipped with 12″ tonearms adapted for 16″ record! Think of the superb EMT 927 for instance, but also the Bourdereau and  Lie Belin

Beautiful mat silver finition

Why decline a 12″ tonearm into a 9″ version? In fact this was a request from customers owning EMT 930. The aim of this new tonearm was to share the same abilities than its bigger sibling but with a mounting distance of 229mm instead of 304,75mm. This shorter mounting distance allows it to be fitted on most, if not all, turntables easily.

This time an antiskating device is available in option. It will allow users to try lighter tracking cartridges. Of course this tonearm will work with Ortofon SPU, Denon DL-103 and all kinds of low compliances cartridges. It has two type of counterweight, a light one for usual cartridges and headshells, and a heavier one for SPU and other heavy cartridges. For now we have had exceptional results with various cartridges and one of my best experience with an original Koetsu Black from the Sugano san era.

Three kinds of finitions are available : mat silver, brushed black or shiny gold.

Retail price is identical to its bigger brother at 975€.

The building of this tonearm to your requirements will take about 8 weeks.

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