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Sculpture A : delivering the most accurate signal of your record collection.

We have a full understanding and admiration of how analog technologies have developed over the year, yet we strive to improve upon them further with new innovation and materials not available in the past. To achieve this synergy we can use old parts as coil wires or old generators combined with newer and better components which were previously unavailable.

Our designs often utilize vintage parts such as cartridge coils, combined with carefully chosen materials such as wood, brass, copper, silver, in conjunction with proprietary newly designed dampers, diamond tips as well as cantilevers.
Each of our products is highly customizable, and tailor-made only in small quantities, bespoke to your specification without ever compromising on technology and workmanship.

Sculpture A products will provide years of enjoying, delivering the most accurate signal retrieval of your record collection.


Sculpture A.3 MC

1.700,002.400,00 VAT incl.
3.200,004.900,00 VAT incl.

Sculpture A is a company based in France, assembled by a team of European professional from the audio and broadcast industry. Our goal is to produce analog cartridge designs based on our long history of hands-on experience in electrical and industrial engineering, with the most advanced of modern technology, combined with artistic flair as well as our passion for music.