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“We are two kinds. The other kind are fine with the sound from a delicate stylus trapped in the dark inner circle of a vinyl record. Once upon a time in Japan, there was a device that safely took care of business. This device is long gone, disappeared into the twilight of the black market. We wondered. Why? It was not an aesthetic masterpiece, but the mechanics functioned well.
2014. Inspired by this servant of the peaceful mind, we set out on a journey to design an automatic tonearm lifter that filled the void – and then some. Little Fwend is the automatic tonearm lifter that has one mission. It lifts the tonearm up at the inevitable end of a vinyl record. It does it safely. It does it smoothly. It does it looking good.

This is The End, My Only Fwend the End.
Marius & Lasse”

199,00 VAT incl.