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Our STACORE ANTI-VIBRATION PLATFORMS and STACORE RACK SYSTEM represent a State Of The Art in passive vibration control in High End Audio. Based on a series of real-physics solutions applied to audio, our unique products provide a highly efficient, wide-band vibration decoupling and damping for most demanding applications. The core of our platform design is our proprietary combination of a top quality, specially damped Italian slate and a lab-grade passive pneumatic suspension. All our anti-vibration platforms deliver a stable and predictable sonic improvements for any element of the audio chain: Analog and digital sources, DAC’s, pre- and power amplifiers, monoblocks and integrated designs, tubed, solid state, and hybrid equipment, and even loudspeakers. All our products are proudly handcrafted in Poland to the highest quality standards. We offer a 2 weeks in-house trial for all the standard line products so buy with confidence.

Feet & absorbers

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