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We made it our pledge that each type of cartridge needs a dedicated process, that is why we offer dedicated services for stereo cartridges like Koetsu, Supex, Ortofon SPU S15 / SL15, EMT TSD / JSD, Denon DL-103, and also for mono cartridges like the Clément, Lumière, Neumann DST, Ortofon and EMT. There are many other cartridges that we can still repair.

For Denon DL-103 retips see also our 103.x range here
For EMT TSD15 retips see also our Mighty TNT15 range here


Cartridge retipping & repairs

Cartridge repair inquiry

Cartridge retipping & repairs

Tailor-made retip

50,00 VAT Incl.

Cartridge retipping & repairs

DENON DL-103 cartridge modifications

50,00350,00 VAT Incl.

Some cartridges cannot be repaired since their housing is built in such a manner that opening it would lead to damage the cartridges itself. Some of the Clearaudio cartridges are part of these. But if there is a long enough piece of cantilever remaining we might still be able to repair your cartridge. We also do not wish to repair cartridges with plastic cantilever holders as working on these will bring some mechanical issues that are critical. This concerns mainly some of the Audio-Technica and Benz cartridges.

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