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December awards for Phasemation EA-350 Phonostage and Levin Design Turntable Sandwich Mat !

The Phasemation EA-350 is Best Buy of the Month in Haute-Fidélité magazine The Phasemation EA-350 superb and complete phonostage was just awarded Month Best Buy from Haute-Fidélité December 2019 Haute-Fidélité magazine. The EA-350 is a true dual mono phonostage which has three MM or MC input. MC input is using step-up declined from the Phasemation […]

Phasemation – EA 350

Phasemation describes the EA-350 phono stage as “an all discreet, all step symmetric non-feedback phono amplifier that supports balance inputs and draws out the music’s reality and the artist’s passion.”


Phasemation EA-200

An all discrete all non-feedback step type phono-equalizing amplifier which draws out the music’s reality and the artist’s passion carved in the record.

For this equipment, the circuit structure composing of discrete parts is adopted, which might be only one in this class; by doing this, the well-selected discrete active elements for the non-feedback amplifier can ideally operate.