The AMG Teatro moving-coil phono cartridge is the cumulative work of the AMG design team and an international group of manufacturers. The Titanium body is designed and manufactured in the United States. The generator and stylus/ cantilever are from Japan, where the Teatro is assembled and tested. All development and listening tests have been performed with the AMG 9W2 and 12J2 tonearms mounted on the AMG Giro and Viella turntables.

The Teatro’s special 2-piece titanium body provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio and is dimensioned to minimize resonance and reflected energy. The internal construction is radiused and includes a fixture for rigid mounting of the MC generator. The Teatro uses a stylus guard machined from a solid aluminum billet.

The Teatro’s generator is an extremely efficient electro-mechanical design, with each channel using a separate coil for maximum separation. The coils are wound with Ohno cast (OCC) mono-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper wire. Neodymium magnets are combined with a special soft magnetic alloy yoke consisting of cobalt and iron, for a smooth and dynamic sound.


BODY: Titanium 6Al4vEli, Tiodized Type III, tapped for 2.5mm mounting hardware, 1⁄2” spacing GENERATOR: Separate coils per channel (V type), wound with Ohno cast (OCC) mono-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper wire. Neodymium magnets, special, soft magnetic alloy yoke
STYLUS GUARD: Machined aluminum from solid billet
CANTILEVER: Solid Boron, .26mm diameter, STYLUS: 40 x 7μm Line contact (Ogura)
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 0.4mV (1kHz @ 5cm/sec.)
TRACKING FORCE: 1.8 – 2.2 grams (2.0 optimal)
RECOMMENDED RESISTIVE LOADING RANGE: 120 Ω – 47k Ω, (120 – 500Ω optimal range)
DYNAMIC COMPLIANCE: 18 x 10-6 cm/dyne
WEIGHT: 10.95 grams