Uwe state of art headshells!

Ebony top left, panzerholz lower middle, snakewood top right
I first heard of Uwe headshells by Thomas Schick. These headshells are what Thomas considers as the best combination with his tonearms.

Like precious jewels : you will find Uwe‘s products in dedicated labeled boxes. Not only are they beautiful but they do protect perfectly the headshells and woodbodies during shipping.

All these products are handmade in Germany on request. Uwe is only  using premium and carefully chosen pieces of wood. Here ebony is true ebony and not some “black african wood” sold as ebony like it is often done with other brands.

Each headshells and woodbodies require up to 3 hours of work from a dedicated craftsman. To complete the building process they are then carefully polished and waxed. Finally they are kept in storage for two days to allow the wax to be perfectly dry before shipping.
Uwe headshells weight, on average, between 10.4g for the ebony, 12g for the snakewood to 13.6g for the panzerholz.
Uwe ebony headshell with Midas body and Denon DL-103R
As with the woodbodies : wood does have an influence on the sound. For instance I really like the DL-103R with a Midas body on an ebony headshell. It adds a tad of warmth to the music that is very enjoyable and addictive.
Snakewood Uwe headshell with ZYX Omega Silver
I use my ZYX Omega Silver with a snakewood Uwe headshell. I think it is the most neutral combination I have ever had with this cartridge. It works much better than my Ikeda 1S-1R headshell (for sale right now!).
Panzerholz Uwe headshell, with special limited edition Uwe stone body
Panzerholz works very well with Denon DL-103. It seems as if it allows better control of the cartridge and thus gives the impression that the DL-103 digs in for more details, better resolution.
All Uwe headshell are made on request and require between one week to a maximum of three week delay before delivery. Most of the time they are ready to ship in less than one week. Other species of wood are available and can be built on special requests.
Retail prices with worldwide shipping included for these headshells are :
– Ebony headshell : 105€
– Panzerholz or Snakewood headshells : 130€