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Quelques éléments expliquant le pourquoi de la sonorité d’une cellule phonolectrice, ou bien notre Ana Mighty Vinyl Event n°7

Le  dernier Ana Mighty Vinyl Event pour l’année 2018 aura lieu le jeudi 13 décembre en notre showroom (rue de l’Ermitage – 75020 Paris).  Nous vous proposons une soirée en partie studieuse dans laquelle nous vous proposons un workshop cellule qui vous permettra de découvrir l’incidence des différentes parties composant un générateur de cellule et […]

What about a potentially 100% jazz record in vinyl ? Do not worry there is only one French guy on it.

I just discovered this Kisckstarter project : Jérôme Sabbagh limited edition vinyl album of the Turn and I thought that I should share it with you. These are the opening words of Jérôme : “Last year, I recorded The Turn, my third album with my longtime jazz quartet featuring Ben Monder, Joe Martin and Ted […]

Come On Die Young seems to be lasting longer than what the Young Team had in mind…

  We all have some fond memories, some teenage dreams. Mine were partly Scottish : something about the monster of the Loch Ness mixed with heavy malted odors of brewery and distillery during school trips when we were only allowed to drink glasses of concentrated orange juice that would feel as bad in my stomach […]