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In 1992 Chris Sommovigo introduced the first truly precision 75 Ohm digital coaxial cable for high end audio under the name “ILLUMINATI” – legendary designs that have stood the test of time.

BLACK CAT CABLE: A small company with a limited output of specialty cables radiating from the same core ethos: each cable personally built by Chris Sommovigo to ensure that standards are maintained. We don’t produce thousands of cables per month, or provide products to hundreds of dealers … we aren’t able to meet such demands due to the highly specialized nature of our processes.

This translates to extremely high-quality cables manufactured to high standards using select raw-materials, unique processes, custom tooling & machinery, and the unmistakable touch of the inventor’s hand.

350,00950,00 VAT incl.
350,00850,00 VAT incl.
425,00950,00 VAT incl.
795,002.395,00 VAT incl.
850,002.250,00 VAT incl.
875,00 VAT incl.
949,00 VAT incl.
995,002.395,00 VAT incl.
1.025,002.250,00 VAT incl.
1.150,002.350,00 VAT incl.
1.995,003.595,00 VAT incl.
2.300,00 VAT incl.