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Syrio’s electronics emerged from over forty years of joyful trials and experiences from French doctor Christian Bianchi. He also happens to be the founder and brain, in the eighties, of the brand Prisme which had an international market. This brand later evolved by the end of the nineties into its new interpretation Syrio.

For Christian Bianchi : the lesser wire in the signal path… the better. He has thus decided to build his electronics as an inverse proposition to classical tube amps design that often use large quantities of wire via transformers, chokes. Even though it cannot be said that Syrio’s electronics are not sharing some electronic similarities with tube amps !

For instance : all Syrio electronics are not using feedback. Main benefit from such technique is that there are literally no artificial use of a « time machine ». It might sound a bit esoteric but this time machine metaphor is a good way to understand what Harold Black called feedback. Just remember that when Black was searching for feedforward… he stepped inadvertently on the opposite mechanism : feedback. Main problem of feedback is that the signal is already gone and that time constant varies with frequencies (T=1/f). Avoiding feedback is allowed only by building an electronic in which the transistor is working on its own with no kind of compensation, and thus implies that it will need (very) closed matched and paired components.

Another aspect of using no feedback in an amplifier is distortion factors. To limit this problem, Syrio is using a technology first used in video amps : inverted cascode designs. This electronic pattern relies partly on current stasis. To keep it simple current stasis implies that when an electric current is getting through a circuit branch, a symmetrically inverted current is getting through the opposite branch and thus prevent any variation of current in power stages, power supplies working in constant current mode and thus allowing a perfectly stable soundstage.

All components used in Syrio electronics are of the highest grade (V-Cap CuTf, Vishay Z-foil) and of course original components. Components are burnt in for four weeks and tested prior to mounting of the electronics. Power supplies transformers are specially wounded to our specifications in France.

Each Syrio electronics is carefully and lovingly built in France in the town of Marennes. Lead time: 5 weeks.

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