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Ana Mighty Vinyl Event, 20th September 2018 : a high end vinyl playback proposition around the Audio Union Helix Two turntable

A new HiFi season is starting ! Time for us to launch our next Ana Mighty Vinyl Event which will be held in our Parisian showroom, rue de l’Ermitage – Paris (75020) on the 20th of September from 7:30 PM to around midnight. First hour of this event will consist in discovering one of the […]

Technics accueille notre solution 100% Ana Mighty Sound autour de la SP-10R pour les Sound Days !

Depuis le lancement de la platine vinyle Technics SL-1000R qui marque la renaissance de la fameuse série de platines vinyles SP-10R, nous avons tissé une étroite collaboration avec Technics France pour mettre en valeur cette formidable platine. Les Sound Days sont une occasion unique d’écouter une solution 100% Ana Mighty Sound autour de la Technics […]

Ana Mighty Sound Vinyl Event n°3 : Technics SP-10R, Audio-Technica Art-1000, 26 April in Paris !

Our next  Ana Mighty Vinyl Event will be held on the 26th of April, from 7:30 PM at our Parisian showroom rue de l’Ermitage. Come and join us around a 100% vinyl HiFI playback program with a meal cooked by our Chef in our showroom’s kitchen. Let us introduce you to this new ambitious program which will […]

Come and join us for our second Ana Mighty Vinyl Even on the 29th of March !

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Ana Mighty Sound has the pleasure to invite you to our second and brand new Ana Mighty Vinyl Evening in our Parisian showroom rue de l’Ermitage (75020) from 7:30 PM. We will be greeting you with a brand new program with a brand new menu prepared by our Chef Frédéric Verhoye ! The first part […]

Demandez le programme du salon Haute-Fidélité 2017 !

Pour cette nouvelle édition du salon Haute-Fidélité 2017, nous avons décidé de vous offrir une expérience analogique unique. En effet cette année 2017 a été l’occasion de nouvelles aventures qui nous ont mené en Allemagne, au Japon mais aussi aux États-Unis, et ces aventures souhaitons les partager avec vous. Notre stand, situé juste en face […]

The first coreless straight-flux cartridge will be demonstrated at Haute-Fidélité show in Paris on the 18th-19th of November 2017

  We are very honored and proud to be able to demonstrate on the 17th and 18th of November at Haute-Fidélité Paris show a new cartridge using a unique design developed by the Japanese brand Topwing. Topwing’s philosophy CDs first appeared on the scene more than 30 years ago. The CD supplanted the LP with alacrity and now […]