Uwe and Midas bodies for Denon DL-103

Round Midas and snakewood Uwe bodies Uwe started building wood bodies for Denon DL-103 in the late 90’s. He believed that the plastic body of the DL-103 was a design flaw and his researches proved him right. With these bodies the Denon DL-103 evolves drastically as with this modification you do get much more informations […]

Uwe state of art headshells!

Ebony top left, panzerholz lower middle, snakewood top right I first heard of Uwe headshells by Thomas Schick. These headshells are what Thomas considers as the best combination with his tonearms. Like precious jewels : you will find Uwe‘s products in dedicated labeled boxes. Not only are they beautiful but they do protect perfectly the […]

A 9″ it’s Schick!

Serious packaging as usual for a safe shipping Most vintage turntables were built for hosting a 9″ tonearm. Of course some of the most famous broadcast turntables are equipped with 12″ tonearms adapted for 16″ record! Think of the superb EMT 927 for instance, but also the Bourdereau and  Lie Belin… Beautiful mat silver finition […]

How to change a palette on a Clément cartridge?

Thomas Schick micoscope’s point of view! Most of the Clément cartridges you will find are equipped with palettes using saphir tips. These tips have a short lifetime and when they are worn out : they will hurt the grooves of your records. With perfectly cleaned mint records in 33RPM it can reach, in best case scenario, […]

Welcome to PTP Audio

Cala Mighty Sound is now distributing Peter Reinders products.Peter has created a full range of products dedicated to the famous Swiss Lenco turntables.He has also created two wonderful turntables based on the Lenco principles.A version for 9″ tonearms called Solid9 (2450€) : And a version for 12″ tonearms, Solid12 (2650€) : Read more about it […]

Uwe Bretschneider headshells and wood body distributed by Cala Mighty Sound

Here are a few photos of Uwe’s products now distributed by Cala Mighty Sound. All Uwe’s product are carefully hand made in Germany. Main woods used are ebony, snakewood (as on the photos here) and panzerholtz. Other wood species available on requests. Uwe is the original makers of the Uwe wood body specially designed for […]