Schick Plinth for everybody !

Most vintage turntable users are (quite) obsessed in finding the best plinth available for there precious turntables. Common materials to deal with resonances and vibrations during record playback  are mostly : wood, stone, metal or the very fashionable corian.  Thomas Schick decided to go his own way. His main axis of research was effective damping. What […]

Uwe green malachite stone-body limited edition first pictures !

Here are the first pictures of the new Uwe limited edition green malachite stone-body… This particular mineral was chosen by Uwe for its mechanical aspects as well as high concentration in oxidized copper (more than 50% in fact !). Those new green malachite stone-bodies weight 6.15g, whereas an ebony wood-body is around 4.20g. They will retail […]

Schick Graphite Headshell, Midas round and square bodies, cantilever protector in stock… and an upcoming surprise from Uwe !

We have now Thomas Schick latest Graphite Headshell in stock and ready for dispatch… These are waiting for you and will be delivered in dedicated boxes with a set of non magnetic screws We also have some Midas “normal” square edges bodies and limited edition round edges bodies. Both are the latest version with lateral screw […]

Uwe stone-bodies : yes they do exist! And yes they are no more available via Cala Mighty Sound!!!

Uwe decided to produce a very limited edition of his famous wood-bodies in… stone ! They are were available in either marbled black : Or in marbled white with a Mario dot (the Mario dot is not included with Uwe stone bodies) : These stone-bodies weight 8g each. I have had two marbled white stone-bodies left in stock so if […]

Clément ads !

My good friend David Parson of Classical Vinyl and Electric Recording Company found these adverts in some old French music critics/journals… and guess what there is some really nice Clément ads there among other vintage items. We thought that it was something worth sharing with you. The left advert for Clément shows a very early Clément cartridge […]

Thomas Schick is in Munich High End show right now with his beautiful turntable and arms…

I am very pleased (and proud) to present to you Thomas Schick’s latest creation : Some of you might have already recognized that this is a beautiful Commonwealth 12 D turntable… in a beautiful Schick plinth. Notice also the use of Airfeet (that’s why there is a pressure gauge at the back of the turntable) […]